Social Media Bootcamp [March 2021]


*This class is INCLUDED in the 2021 Social Sellers*

Social Media Bootcamp Overview NEW for 2021
  • This bootcamp will cost $55 [due to the digital nature of the information, the cost is non refundable]
  • This bootcamp is 3 days long [Monday-Wednesday]
  • This bootcamp will start on March 29th, 2021
In this course we will go over...
  • Working Social Media to gain new customers
  • Retaining customers
  • Daily task lists to grow your skills and business
  • Tags and Titles that work
  • How to create a product description that is original engages the customer

    There will be a live Q&A video session at the end of the bootcamp. [If you can not be a part of the LIVE sessions, you will be able to submit your questions prior and watch the video after it posts to the page]

    This bootcamp will be held in a private facebook group. At the end of the bootcamp the group will be archived so that there are no new posts but you will continue to have access to all information posted at your leisure. *Bootcamp needs at least 15 members to run successfully* Dates may have to be adjusted. 

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