Sticker Studio Shipper Box [Physical Product]
Sticker Studio Shipper Box [Physical Product]

Sticker Studio Shipper Box [Physical Product]


Make your customers excited to see their packages from you! 

Next box ships Dec. 10th and quantities limited - this is the test run for a monthly subscription box.  This is a SINGLE ship - but I want to ensure that I have the process down from our smaller trial run last month. [photo in 2nd photo of the trial run]

Seasonally themed stickers will help your packaging stand out and bring in some fun for you and them.

  • stickers are high gloss and water resistant - perfect for packaging
  • stickers are 2" at the tallest/widest side
  • you will receive 5 sets of stickers each month:
    • 25 high gloss round stickers
    • 3 sets of die cut stickers - 25 each
    • 25 2.25" x 1.5" accent stickers 
    • 10 extras to add to "top customer" packages 
  • Stickers ship the 15th of the month for the next month's theme [example: Dec 15th stickers will be motivational/new year/positivity.  Jan 15th will be Valentine's themed]

The stickers are designed in house and the digital versions will be available as well.


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