Commercial Printing License [All Designs]


All customers printing transfers with our designs must purchase this commercial license to print.

Licensing is ONLY required for non-end product printing. [a shirt, mug, tile, wood, scrap book page, pillow, card etc... is an end product and does not require a license]

Only transfers sold to another person for their use are required to have a license to sell. Sublimation, Ink Jet or Heat Transfer Vinyl, OKI, Laser, Waterslide or any other physically printed transfer will require the commercial license.

Mass production through third party such as POD sites or off site printing is NOT ALLOWED with this license. [If you are interested in that please message us]

This License Enables You To:
-Sell printed Heat Transfer Vinyl, InkJet, OKI, Laser or Sublimation Transfers only.
-Limited Up To 500 Prints Per Design/Per License. [if you need to print more than 500 please purchase a second license]

This License Does NOT Enable You To:
-List the design for sale on a POD site such as Zazzle and CafePress.
-Have designs printed off site by a third party printer [outsourced screen prints].
-Re-Distribute this file in any format or share it with anyone else.

All designs are for personal/small commercial use only and may not be COPIED, DISTRIBUTED, SHARED, or RESOLD. Credit is not required for small commercial use.

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